Non-Government Budget Investment Financing or Pembiayaan Investasi Non-Anggaran Pemerintah ( PINA ) is a facilitation scheme aimed to accelerate the private investment financing of national strategic projects, which source of funding is originated from non-government budget (non-APBN/APBD) and is fully supported by government policies.


Optimizing State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and Private Sector Contribution in Financing Development

SOEs and private sectors contribution in financing national development is expected to be at 58.7% or IDR 2,817 trillion in RPJMN 2015-2019

Improving the capacity of Infrastructure Financing

  • Mobilize potential long-term funds (from pension funds, insurance, SWF,etc.)
  • Recycle the investment in “brownfield” and “operational” category projects
  • Leverage the financing capacity through investment staging in every project development phase

Debottleneck Financing Process in Priority Projects

Infrastructure development involves many stakeholders; therefore, special arrangements are often required to coordinate and encourage related  stakeholders especially in project preparation, including resolving issues in financial and non-financial aspects.

Financing Infrastructure Commitment 2015 - 2019

Efforts to Increase the Role of Private Sector in Infrastructure Development

Role of PINA Center in Accelerating Project's Financial Close: the ENABLER

Through administering the 3 functions, PINA Center serves as the ENABLER to achieve Financial Close



Chief Executive Officer


Chief Relationship Officer


Chief Relationship Officer
Regulatory Framework for Facilitation of the Non-Government Budget Investment Financing (PINA)
  1. Government Regulation No.17 of 2017

    On the Synchronization Process of Planning and Budgeting of National Development. The Framework of the Funding is done by integrating funding sources, either from government entities or non-government entities (PINA), which is utilized in order to accomplish the National Development goals.

  2. Presidential Regulation No.58 of 2017

    On the Amendment of Presidential Regulation No.3 of 2016 on the Acceleration of the Implementation of National Strategic Project; The National Stategic Projects sourced from the Non-Government budget is coordinated by the Minister of National Development Planning/Head of BAPPENAS, he may propose changes to the National Strategic Projects list finance by the Non-Government Budget toKPPIP.

  3. Presidential Regulation No.20 of 2016 

    On the Amendment of Presidential Regulation No.66 of 2015 on the National Development Planning Agency; The Ministry of National Development Planning/ BAPPENAS has the authority to facilitate and conduct the sourcing of domestic and foreign financing, as well as the allocation of funds for infrastructure development with the relevant institutions.

  4. Presidential Regulation No. 66 of 2015  

    On The National Development Planning Agency; The Implementation of the Facilitation of Non-Government Investment Financing (PINA) is in line with the duties and function of the Ministry of National Development Planning/ BAPPENAS in planning all policy and coordinating all the National Development Stakeholders to achieve National Development goals.

  5. PPN/ BAPPENAS Ministerial Decree No. Kep.121.PPN /HK /11/ 2017 

    On the Government Facilitation Team for Non-Government Budget Financing (PINA). Minister of National Development Planning/ BAPPENAS formed a governmental facilitation team for the implementation of facilitation activities of Non-Government Budget Financing (PINA).


Government agencies (K/L), SOEs (BUMN) and private enterprises may initiate and purpose their project(s) to be included in the PINA facilitation scheme, as long as it fulfills 4 (four) key PINA projects criteria:

Project(s) with significant economics and social impact

Assessment based on certain qualitative and quantitative study on project’s economic and social impact.

Project(s) must be feasible

Assessment based on project’s investment feasibility (project IRR) minimum 13% (IDR)

Project(s) possesses suitable and legal documents

Assessment by readiness criteria checklist, including submission of documents: project profile, action plan and funding plan, including other prerequisite document.

Project(s) related to national development objectives

Include in Long-Term National Planning Document (RPJMN) and / or National Sectors’ Strategic Plan Document.


Potential Investment Recycle



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