What Is PINA

The Non-Government Budget Equity Financing (“PINA” in Indonesian abbreviation) is a facilitation scheme aimed to accelerate the financial close of national priority projects, in which fully supported by the government policies. PINA Center for Private Investment, a unit under the Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas) undertakes a strategic role in facilitating the project financing and enable any debottlenecking of financing process for Indonesia’s infrastructure development. Founded in 2017, PINA Center for Private Investment has successfully facilitated USD3.3 billion for 11 projects across sectors by end of 2018. Projects listed in our pipeline are ranging from different sectors such as connectivity, energy, strategic industries and plantations, as well as housing.

Is PINA for you ?
If you seek for financing for projects, and your project is within the scope of Indonesia’s national strategic project as described in Presidential Decree No. 58/2017, then PINA may assist you in facilitating the financing. If you seek for attractive return in infrastructure investment, then PINA could facilitate in tapping the investment opportunities from the infrastructure projects in PINA’s pipeline
How to submit your interests ?
  1. If you are investee, please send us profile of your project, including the key contact person whom will be contacted by PINA
  2. If you are investor, please contact us with with the sector interest, as well as investment scheme you would expect, e.g direct equity financing, fund scheme, strategic investor