PT Dirgantara Indonesia
Strategic Industry & Plantation
Investment Needed
USD 100 million
Type of Offering
IRR 17%
Description : N219 is a commuter aircraft that can accommodate 19 passengers. The aircraft has been developed by PT Dirgantara Indonesia and the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space since 2014 and will finalize its Type Certification by the end of 2018. There is prominent demand for the N219 class aircraft where in Indonesia there is 235 units of potential market in the N219 aircraft category. In Asia Pacific and Southeast Asia region, the demand of N219 class aircraft is approximately reaching 333 units for the next 10 years. Total Domestic Market (2019 – 2029): Up to Q1 2018, there are 109 units of N219 indicative demand for domestic market in the form request for proposal, framework agreement and letter of intent. Critical Success Factors:
  1. COMPETITIVE PRODUCT N219 has to maintain its competitiveness compares to direct competitor from its performance side, comfort and operational cost. This will include price competitiveness for domestic market with the application of import tax policy.
  2. FINANCING SUPPORT Buyer financing should be established both for domestic and international market, especially for high volume of purchase.
  3. DELIVERY TIME N219 delivery time must be on time, comply with customer demand
  4. PRODUCT SUPPORT – Skill for safety operation – Cost effective maintenance program
  5. GLOBAL CERTIFICATION Besides from DGCA, N219 must also get type certificate from EASE or FAA