What We Do

PINA as the enabler

PINA Center for Private Investment is a unit under the Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas) undertaking a strategic role in facilitating project financing and enabler in debottlenecking financing process for Indonesia’s infrastructure development. Through its main role as enabler, PINA establishes linkage between investors and investees in utilizing a variety of financial instruments to reach financial close that could ultimately enable infrastructure projects to develop and grow further. Three main functions that we do every day are:


We facilitate transparent and efficient services to various investment partners, ensuring their investments are compatible with investee’s project return and risk profile.

Project Pipelining

We provide foreseeable and bankable project pipeline to the investors, formulating the most effective investment proposal scheme that suit their risk profile, which includes the preparation of existing policies.

Ecosystem Building

We build strong relationships with various levels of stakeholders to advocate Indonesia’s strategic investment proposals, debottlenecking any issues in between the process of investment facilitation and project pipelining.

What We Do

The development of infrastructure projects involves many stakeholders. Thus, special arrangements are often required in the process and preparation to better coordinate and ensuring issues related to financial and non-financial aspects are resolved accordingly.